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Automotive Parts Storage Solutions

Automotive Storage

Highly Efficient Storage Solutions for Evolved Manufacturing

Some of the Automotive industry challenges are to effectively manage large SKUs, variation and breadth of stock - from small parts to body panels, tires to windshields, batteries, silencer and workshop equipment to dangerous liquids - all with different levels of stock turnover.

Personnel at SILVER LINING possess deep experience of the automotive storage industry, and are a worthy helping hand when it comes to planning a system that addresses today’s needs, as well as scales up for tomorrow’s growth opportunities. They are deeply involved in the operational layout planning, to gain a better understanding of goods flow and time study of peak activity. The specialized layout designs allow for installation of high density small parts storage system to deliver on the capacity required for large operations while reducing the required floor space.

Comprehensive assessment service and specialist layout and design
Experienced turnkey installation prowess
Custom-configured to suit exacting specifications
Detachable, fully adjustable systems that can be altered to fit the growing storage requirements

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