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Multi-tier Shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving

Maximize the utilization of vertical space. Ideal for Manufacturing operations and spare parts storage and management

Multi-Tier shelving provides storage space at multiple levels, thus maximizes the utilization of vertical space available in a warehouse. Each level of storage can be accessed by staircases, main aisles and cross aisles. This system allows reasonable access to all units stored and is adaptable to different load and storage units.

SILVER LINING offers wide range of decking and catwalk options to fulfill customer requirements.

Best Suited for
Compact storage with manual handling
Light to medium loads
Non palletized goods, bins, cartons and small sized units
Manufacturing operations and spare parts storage

Optimum utilization of vertical storage space
Direct and safe access to each load level
Flexible configuration
Flexible decking options like steel shelves, mesh decks, perforated panels and MDF.decking

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