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Selective Pallet Racking



Selective pallet rackings are the ideal storage system for warehouses that host a wide range of fast-moving SKUs. This racking system assures direct access to every pallet with varied material handling equipment such as stackers, forklifts, reach trucks and VNA equipment. It is a cost-effective storage option with easy access to all pallets and good storage density.

Roll-formed Selective pallet racks are quite popular for its versatility and is considered the best warehouse storage system for palletized products and a variety of goods. It is ideal for storing different products that need to be shipped to several different locations, especially in cases where order fulfilment is complex involving a wide mix of different SKUs.

Selective pallet racking is simple to install, infinitely adjustable and can be customised for any requirement. The storage racks can be assembled in a double-depth rack configuration for high storage density or used singly for basic storage needs. 

Commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, this is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking because it provides 100% selectivity in retrieval.

Best Suited for
High throughput
Many SKUs

100% SKUs accessible
Easy to rotate stock, simplifies stock management
Can accommodate almost every unit load when accessories are used
Cost-effective with good storage density
Variety of frame and beam capacities to fit your requirements 
Can add economical shelving beams for low level picking
High location usage storage system
Enables accurate picking
Can be used with different material handling equipment
Full access to all pallets to the full height of the warehouse 
Can be adapted to any product volume, weight and size

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