SILVER LINING Storage Solutions is part of the USD 1 Bn Amara Raja Group, and specializes in offering high quality, value-driven and tailored warehouse storage racks for various industry verticals. SILVER LINING range is developed from the ground up and betters any existing storage rack systems in terms of load performance, durability and technology.

Superior Technology: One of the first Indian companies to comply with the latest Euro code EN 15512. (steel static storage rack system: adjustable pallet racking systems principles for structural design).

State-of-the-art Manufacturing: Our fully-equipped plant has the most modern, custom built imported roll forming machinery and powder coating lines. All storage racks are manufactured in high strength steel with minimum yield strength of 350 MPa.

Customized Warehouse Storage Solutions: Direct sales team and project associates at SILVER LINING guide customers through the consultative sales process to arrive at the best storage solution for their operational need and budget, thereby creating substantial value to the endeavor.

Engineering Expertise: Engineering specialists at SILVER LINING, factor-in materials, warehouse storage racks capacity, material handling, and operational demands with appropriate utilization of height, scalability and adaptability into the warehouse racking layout design. Our optimized storage layout and intelligent racking solution enables a seamless flow of warehousing operations, culminating into savings on project costs and resources for customers.

Deep experience in Project management: Our storage racks installation and project management team is highly experienced in delivering projects successfully in multiple industrial sectors, both large and small. Our unique, customized approach and expertise in project management ensures that projects are delivered on time within cost, every time.

SILVER LINING works closely with various industry segments like (3PL) Logistics service Providers, Automotive, Pharma, Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Electronics, F&B, Records Management etc., to help our customers achieve an optimized, customized and dynamic warehouse storage.


Systematic dense storage, stock visibility and retrieval - the core functions of a storage facility - are effectively addressed to better manage the storage and movement of goods