Amara Raja Group

Amara Raja is amongst India's leading business conglomerates with interests spanning verticals from the production of lead-acid batteries (AMARON brand), power conversion products, sheet metal products, precision components, electronic products, infrastructure development, industrial services to food processing. Amara Raja Group of companies with their flagship company Amara Raja Batteries Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of Automotive and Industrial batteries in India. Amara Raja Group employs a workforce of more than 14000 people with a Net revenue of around Rs 7755 Crores (USD 1.2 billion) during the financial year 2017-18.

Amara Raja Group Core Purpose:

To transform our increasing spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to more people. . . all the time.

Amara Raja Group Vision 2025:

“ Through the Amara Raja Way, we will be a $10B group redefining businesses to deliver high social impact, by anticipating future trends, building preferred brands and leveraging talent & technology

SILVER LINING Storage Solutions is part of the USD 900 Mn Amara Raja Group, one of the fastest-growing business groups in India. The Amara Raja Group prides itself on being a responsible business house driven by customer-focused products of highest quality, innovative engineering and path-breaking research and design, with a view to attain excellence, generate large scale employment and create value to its stakeholders. Inspired by the work ethic and values of the leadership, service to society forms the moral compass of the organization. 

The Amara Raja Group was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ramachandra N Galla. An internationally successful engineering consultant, Dr. Ramachandra returned to India to set up Amara Raja’s manufacturing facility in his hometown, displaying a socially attuned attitude which forms the foundation for the group companies’ success in their activities, products, employees and customer satisfaction.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited owns the hugely popular “Amaron” brand. The group has also diversified into Electronics, Foods and Industrial Services. However, the single-minded commitment to achieving excellence in all activities binds the diverse group companies together.

Amara Raja Values

Driven by its five core values, elements and colours – innovation (space; burgundy), excellence (wind; magenta), experiences (water; blue), entrepreneurship (fire; orange) & responsibility (earth; green) – Amara Raja strives to achieve customer-focused products of highest quality, innovative engineering, large-scale employment generation and value creation to end users.

These five colours come together as swirling mass to form a dynamic circle of unparalleled energy. This new form of energy is a reflection of Amara Raja, an emblem of everything that defines The Amara Raja Way.


Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL)

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL), in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc., USA, is the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region. It offers the discerning Indian customer an extensive range of India's most powerful zero-maintenance batteries. Amaron batteries incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of captive power and are on par with batteries manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world.

Relentless focus on innovative engineering, a deep-rooted commitment to research & design and the promise to deliver customer-focused products has made it possible for Amaron to rise to a leadership position in a span of just nine years. It is the preferred supplier to all major original equipment manufacturers; in fact, most automobile models sport an Amaron battery under the hood when they roll off the assembly line. It has also made significant inroads into international markets such as Singapore and Mauritius, where every third car is powered by Amaron.

Amaron is a pioneer amongst batter manufacturers. Some of its accomplishments are:
Largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region
First zero-maintenance battery in India
First to offer long-term warranties of 36, 48 and 60 months for car batteries
First and only battery for two-wheelers that offers a 60-month warranty
The only battery that contains the patented SilvenX alloy.
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Amaron Quanta
Amaron Quanta is a product of world class battery technology produced and tested in Amara Raja’s premier VRLA manufacturing facility, supported by technology expertise from alliance partner Johnson Control Inc. A market leader in just 10 years, Amaron Quanta is a well-known 12V VRLASMF battery brand preferred by most of India’s reputed UPS manufacturers and customers across various segments like banks, IT companies, BPOs, industries, government departments, hospitals, and educational institutes etc.
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Amara Raja Power Systems Limited (ARPSL)

Based on the strength of the most advanced integrated manufacturing facility and with a clear understanding of power back-up requirements, Amara Raja Power Systems Limited has become the quality bench mark in the manufacture of Power Electronics Products in India.

ARPSL is a pioneer in design and manufacture of Power Electronics & Electrical Transmission and Distribution Products supplied in India and to the other parts of the world. The company has technical collaborations with industry leaders M/s HDR Power Systems Inc USA for Thyristor based chargers and with M/s Rectifier Technologies, Australia for the Switch Mode Power Supplies. Efforts have been taken to fully absorb and indigenize the technologies.

Leading consultants in India and abroad such as MN Dastur, IDEAS, MECON.AVANTGARDE, NTPC, EIL, PGCIL& TEC have ratified the wide acceptance of the company’s products, designs and services for various applications. An ISO-9001 certification in 1999 established that the manufacturing facility and quality management system of ARPSL met international standards.

A significant achievement of ARPSL is the installation of SMPS based Integrated Power Supply for S&T applications for Indian Railways and obtaining RDSO approval in 2000 for this system. Since then ARPSL has been the preferred supplier of IPS.
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Mangal Industries Ltd (MIL)

Mangal Industries has two SBUs namely Engineering and Foods

Engineering SBU:
The Engineering SBU is engaged in following businesses.
Cold forged Parts and High Tensile Fasteners
Engineering Plastic Parts
Industrial Enclosures
Storage Solutions and Automation
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Foods SBU:
Galla Foods:
Galla Foods is situated at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, the mango belt in India. It produces Tropical Fruit Purees, Concentrates and Fresh Fruits.

The main purpose of Galla Foods is to uplift the farming community in Chittoor region. The farming community is an integral part and forms the backbone of the organization. In its effort to be the frontrunner in chosen business areas in terms of best practices in quality and technology, Galla Foods benefits farmers, the industry and the nation in a broad perspective.

Galla Foods believes in empowering farmers by providing technical assistance from research institutes in the food industry. The company also supports the farmers in achieving better quality and higher yields by imparting the latest and best gardening and harvesting techniques. Apart from educating farmers, Galla Foods encourages farmers to mobilize the fruits directly to the factory, thereby minimizes the fruit handling damages and increases their value realizations.
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Amara Raja Electronics Limited (AREL)

AREL is a technologically progressive company with business focus in Consumer Power Solution (CPS), Consumer Durables (CD) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). The 20,000 sq.metre manufacturing facility is located in Chittoor which is strategically located between Bangalore and Chennai.

The workforce of AREL predominantly comprises of women who are trained on specialized skill sets in the field of PCB assembling and manufacturing, thereby creating non-migratory employment opportunities in rural India.

The Business focus
Amara Raja Electronics Limited focuses on product solutions that cater directly to general consumers and also offer Electronics Manufacturing Solutions support to global business entities. In simple terms, AREL focuses on both B2B and B2C customers.

The company currently offers products and solutions in the Consumer Power Solutions category under the brand name ‘Tribal’. To know more visit .

AREL has positioned its EMS offering as a separate Strategic Business Unit. To know more about AREL EMS, check the Electronics Manufacturing Solutions section.
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Amara Raja Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (ARIPL)

Amara Raja Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (ARIPL) is into Buildings, Industrial Structures, Power & Transmission projects

Amara Raja Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. (ARISPL)

Amara Raja Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. (ARISPL) provides support services such as Transportation, Security, House Keeping and General Administration.