Quality Assurance

Quality is a core founding principle of SILVER LINING Storage Solutions. Quality is a way of life for us, reflected in the way we consistently offer reliable pallet racking solutions, on-time delivery, and dependable support services. Knowledge is acquired continuously, research and development is unending, commitment to the quality process is unwavering, and highest importance is accorded to provide defect-free racking products and services on time and within budget – crucial to our success to sustain long-term, winning relationships.

All our products conform to the latest Euro Code EN 15512 standard.

How we go about it?
Promote a culture of innovation, change and accountability to expect, meet, and exceed quality expectations
Maintain relevant quality systems in accordance with international quality standards
Strict adherence to a process-driven work environment
Clear work specifications laid out before tasks are carried out, including stringent testing and cross-verifications between team members
Continuous measurement and evaluation of quality