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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Storage System for Irregular, Long and Bulky Products

The cantilever racking is a must have system in your warehouse/manufacturing facility, if you have irregularly shaped and/or varying length products that need organized storage with safe and secure retrieval. Cantilever racking system allows for a lot of flexibility in design and usage. It is available in both single sided and double sided system configurations and also as multi-tier, thus, increasing the capacity of available storage space while eliminating intermediate aisles.

As there are no front uprights, it makes easier to fork-lift goods apart from allowing manual shifting of goods. Whether the bottom-most rack material needs to be retrieved or the topmost, all racking levels are easily accessible and results in reduced handling time. This easy-to-fit cantilever racks are easily adjustable and strongly bolted, therefore, ensuring flexible and safe storage operations.

SILVER LINING’S expertise in designing coupled with world-class manufacturing and high quality assurance processes makes cantilever racking highly durable and versatile. We can design a customized storage system for your unique requirements and help you to improve your warehousing productivity and efficiency.

Best Suited for
Pipes, tubes, aluminium sheets, flake board, metal/steel sheets etc.
Lengthy, bulky and odd shaped goods

Ideal system for awkward, bulky, long products (Medium or Heavy-duty)
Robust design allowing for organized and safe storage of irregularly shaped products
Increases storage capacity with utilization of both horizontal and vertical space
Customizable as per the precise needs
Allows loads to be stored on one or both sides of the storage system
Easy to install, no maintenance and can withstand rugged handling

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