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Storage Solutions for Cold Storages


Storage System for Maximizing the Capacity

Cold storages require intelligent storage solutions to minimize the facilities footprint and maximizing storage density, which in turn reduces the operational costs. SILVER LINING provides versatile and customized solutions that lower the effects of SKU proliferation with customer and product-based segmentation.

Some of our considerations in developing your storage are:
Dense Storage: Cold storage incurs a lot of cost in maintaining low temperatures. By optimizing space, we increase the capacity of the facility and hence help you optimize your resources.

Stock Visibility: Under the special conditions of cold storage, accessing and retrieving goods can be more time-consuming and difficult than usual. Our designs ensure that the layout is optimized for maximum stock visibility, thereby reducing the effort required.

Accuracy: Order picking can be more challenging at lower temperatures. We increase the accuracy of order picking by optimizing the design for better accessibility.

Inventory Tracking: Especially in cold storage, it is important to regularly track inventory and maintain FIFO (First In First Out), to minimize perished goods.

Our Value Proposition:
Customized configuration to suit your requirements
Increased capacity utilization
Reduced handling and increased hygiene
Easy access and need-based retrieval/renewal of stocks

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