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The Environment

With innovation and leadership initiatives, Amara Raja is at the forefront of balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. SILVER LINING is constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency of its racking systems, supply chain, and operations – reducing environmental impact opportunities. Our intelligent warehouse racking systems and other storage solutions assist customers accomplish more with fewer resources and less waste.

Zero emission facility
SILVER LINING plant is a Zero Emission Facility. It fulfils all relevant laws and regulations consistent with high standards of environmental business performance.

What we do
Constantly work to decrease our consumption of resources such as energy, water, paper, and to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
Promote environmental understanding and responsiveness, and encourage active participation of employees and stakeholders
Articulate precise objectives and goals for efficiency in resource use, reuse or recycle of resources, and cautious use of non-renewable resources
Integrate environmental sustainability in our operations, literature and research
Offer renewable-resource solutions that protect and advance lives in fundamental ways
Decrease water utilization and improve water quality in considerable, quantifiable ways
Minimize the environmental impact from chemicals employed in several stages of our product lifecycle