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Silver Lining Overview


“ Intelligent Storage Solutions to get more out of Space ”

Companies that rely heavily on intelligent storage solutions for their business operations can become robust, agile and reliable by reducing the time taken for order fulfilments, and by making optimal utilization of available storage space and all resources. SILVER LINING, with its ingenious racking systems, intelligent designs and deep experience in project management, helps companies in doing exactly that. Our warehouse storage solutions investigate and address the core functions of your storage facility such as:

> Systematic storage > Stock visibility > Efficient retrieval.

Expertise you can count on

Every business and it’s dynamics are different. Unique combinations of logistics, order fulfilments, industry landscapes and organizational vision make it imperative for us to take a deeper look at your storage facility and craft warehouse storage solutions that resolve even in the most complex situations with comprehension and simplicity.

Machines that gives you a solid footing

Our state-of-the-art plant boasts of the most modern, custom-built roll forming machinery and powder coating lines. Here our products are manufactured with high strength steel (of at least 350mpa yield strength) procured directly from steel mills. We conduct quality checks with rigor and attention to ensure that every product meets our standards.

Warehouse Storage Solutions that put you ahead

Racking systems are the backbone of any storage facility. At SILVER LINING we recognize that, and benchmark our storage components and designs against world standards. Driven by our deep expertise and world-class manufacturing, our proprietary range of racking systems betters the competition in load performance, durability and technical prowess.