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Silver Lining Story

Our Story

SILVER LINING represents innovation in the otherwise disorderly space of industrial and warehouse storage. Warehouse storage solutions lie at the heart of any logistics, and to be a pioneer requires a deep understanding of both industry dynamics as well as technological advancements. Our pursuits in research are further strengthened by our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and provide custom holistic storage solutions to our customers.

Leading the charge with innovation

Imitating competitors and leasing technologies does not cut it anymore. Today, companies need specific and comprehensive storage solutions to stand apart from the competition and to be an industry pioneer. At SILVER LINING, we are committed to forward-looking research and disruptive execution that gives your organization a distinct competitive advantage.

Precision is a habit

Armed with deep expertise in sheet metal manufacturing and state-of-the-art facilities, SILVER LINING storage meticulously benchmarks quality and durability of its racking products at the global level. We leverage our intimate knowledge of industry value chains to prioritize research and growth initiatives. Further, we delve deeper into cross-industry optimization techniques of warehouse facilities, inventory and all resources. Such depth and pinpointed knowledge facilitate precise warehouse storage solutions to our customers.

The facility

SILVER LINING’s world-class green field manufacturing facility is situated in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, an emerging manufacturing hub in India. It is one of the first Indian companies to manufacture products conforming to the latest Euro code EN15512 (steel static storage system: adjustable pallet racking systems principles for structural design).