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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

SILVER LINING is strongly committed to excellence in Health and Safety performance and to meeting its duties for the health, safety and well-being of its staff and customers, as well as stakeholders and others, including visitors, who may be affected by its activities. Our primary H&S objectives include recognizing, eliminating, reducing or controlling material risks relating to health, fires and accidents or injuries.

In order to fulfil our commitments, we adopt the following steps:
Meet and constantly improve health and safety performance, over and above regulatory necessities
Design safe facilities, and continually review and improve processes and procedures
Make use of processes, practices and materials which eliminate risk to human health and safety
Require all persons working at or visiting SILVER LINING locations/sites to adhere to health and safety requirements
Ensure safe storage, transportation and disposal of materials
Offer complete staff training in emergency and disaster management for preventing and limiting accidents
Encourage only those suppliers, distributors and contractors who follow similar environmental, health and safety standards
Take employees into confidence while articulating the plans and performance expectations of H&S activities

Safety during installations
During warehouse racking installations, SILVER LINING project management and execution team identifies beforehand all risks and potential safety hazards in order to take necessary measures to prevent and control them. Safety engineers understand and master the technical operations of the racking installations and their associated safety features in order to implement the prescribed regulatory safety requirements.