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Warehouse racking consulting services

SILVER LINING Consulting Services

SILVER LINING achieves technology-enabled change for its customers in testing environments, often where lower inventory levels, accurate picking, faster delivery and lack of intelligent designs that optimize resources are critical issues.

From Location to Assessment, SKU Analysis, Space and Operations Design, to Systems Execution, Training and Launch Assistance – SILVER LINING’s services are all about removing complexities and delivering innovative solutions that enable spaces to function and thrive.

SILVER LINING addresses some of the most pressing storage and material handling needs across industries in India. Combining global best practices with regional know-how, our advice equips customers to stay ahead of market needs and build a competitive advantage.

Our analysis takes into account:
The nature and volume of your goods
SKU analysis
Your storage and dispensation rates
Storage capacity requirements
Current and near future logistics/storage requirements and challenges
FIFO/LIFO factors for effective inventory management
Additional space requirements for value added services
Inbound and outbound movement and operations

Our Consulting practice is driven by results.
Typically, our advice translates into some of the following key benefits:
Customized, well-organized and efficient storage
Maximum utilization of cubic space
Inventory optimization
Accurate picking
Increased throughput
Resources optimization
Reduced cost of storage

In today’s business environment of fast-growth and rising costs, warehouses need to make use of every cubic inch of space available to cash in on business opportunities.When you face a space crunch in your warehouse or storage area, your options is limited. First one is to expand the existing facility or have a new storage area and the other is to create more space within the existing facility. The latter option may seem contradictory, as you are facing shortage of space currently and how could you find more space in the same warehouse. This is where SILVER LINING consulting services come as a helping hand to leek deeper into your material storage, management and operations and find out the hidden spaces with in the facility.

Combining the latest technological advancements with state-of-the-art design, SILVER LINING’s intelligent storage solutions help utilize space multi-dimensionally and fulfill the storage, management, capacity and weight load criteria.

Key Benefits:
Increased storage capacity
Removal of operational bottlenecks
Faster Order Picking
Increased Stock Rotation

Our solutions are designed to explore every optimization potential in a warehouse/storage area while offering perfect flexibility with reduced picking times. It is made possible with an efficient and cost-effective warehouse storage layout and taking into account factors such as the industry, type of goods to be stored, their weight, type of lift equipment you own or plan to purchase and logical product flow in the value chain.

The entire design is planned in such a way the increased number of pick faces at each bay augments put-and-pick accuracy. It helps in locating the SKUs and reducing errors, leading to a decrease in the amount of time spent in order processing and fulfillment.

Key Benefits:
Increased order fulfillment
Improved put-and-pick accuracy
Increased throughput

Storage density in balance with order picking leads to efficient space utilization and hence reduces storage costs. Often, this is the most critical aspect of a storage system. We at SILVER LINING, aggressively fine-tune your warehouse to drive efficiency.

Our process to drive efficiency includes
Data-Driven Problem Solving: The devil is in the detail. Most warehousing operations seem to work fine on the surface, but when we dig deeper, we realize that there is a lot of room for improvement. We observe the systems, processes and operating procedures in your current operations, collect data and analyze it to identify and remove inefficiencies.

Storage Layout Optimization: While the movement of goods might seem trivial within the broader scope of warehousing operations, this is one of the most time-consuming activities within a warehouse. We identify the fast and the slow moving goods in your warehouse and design a storage system that minimizes movement and saves you time and resources.

The Right Storage System: The right racking and shelving system plays a key role in optimizing the warehouse. Depending on the goods to be stored, several types of racking systems with various applications are employed.

Specialists at SILVER LINING provide a customized storage solution by determining optimization opportunities based on a systematic review of existing/future inventories. Thorough recommendations are made based on several factors such as improved product life, storage density, forklift access, picking profiles and intended capacity. We also make suggestions to better manage inventory driven costs and address demand volatility and logistics complications.

Based on the kind of picking designed at the warehouse - pallets, cases, cartons or pieces – SILVER LINING chooses appropriate storage solutions to increase inventory efficiencies and better movement of SKUs.

Key Benefits:
Improved product life
Reduced Inventory carrying costs
Improved agility to respond to varying demand
Increased picking speed

SILVER LINING brings tremendous difference to the way products are stored, managed, tracked and shipped. By thoroughly understanding the customer’s order fulfillment requirements as well as the specifics of each warehousing and distribution operation, SILVER LINING’S Storage Solutions help increase operational effectiveness and improve organization’s agility.

Some of the key strengths of SILVER LINING are intelligent designs and system set-up – which helps you “Save Time and Space” – translating into saved resources and costs. SILVER LINING provides a thorough analysis of the storage and operation requirement and how the system will fulfill it. Simply put: with the help of clever designs, costs are driven out and efficiency is driven in.

Key Benefits:
Better storage density
Increased operational efficiency
Improved organization agility

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