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warehouse racking for manufacturing industry


Lean Storage to support Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturers always look out for continuous improvements in their storage and management of raw materials (RM), semi-finished goods (WIP) and finished goods (FG) as the evolution of lean manufacturing is driving them to deliver goods to the factory or to the customer Just in Time (JIT). Efficient storage solutions are therefore, vital for manufacturing units to have a positive impact on their bottom-line.

SILVER LINING takes a “lean storage” approach in keeping with the lean methodology to achieve waste free manufacturing envirornment.

Key considerations in making your lean storage environment:
Faster handling: Checking-in materials, recording the inventory and routing of materials need to be optimized to increase efficiency and avoid misplacement or damage to goods. We help you to store intelligently and retrieve rapidly, thereby improving the overall turnaround time.

Lean storage: Lean Storage, With intelligent storage layout designs and suitable storage solution, the warehouse space will be utilized optimally while maintaining traceability and safety of goods

Just in Time, always: Being in time with stock fulfillment for manufacturing purposes or for consumers reduces the inventory carrying costs for the manufacturer. In turn, reduces the financial costs and increases bottom-line.

Our Value Proposition:
Reduced Inventory costs
Better responsiveness to customer demands
Optimum material handling and traceability
Increased throughput

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