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Word from the Chairman

Words From The Chairman

Dr. Ramachandra N Galla
Founder Chairman,
Amara Raja Group

The logistics sector in India holds a huge opportunity for growth but poses its own unique challenges. Companies have come to realize that efficient, lean and reliable warehousing operations can contribute substantially to their bottom line. Even though warehouses have grown in size and scale, systematic storage and efficient handling are unfulfilled needs. There’s a long way to go before warehouses deliver world-class services. SILVER LINING addresses the need of the hour, the efficient storage and movement of goods, with its combination of domain expertise, manufacturing capabilities and proprietary warehouse storage solutions.

A company has to tick several boxes before it becomes successful – how accurately it understands the market dynamics, how it creates products and services that work in the most unexpected of circumstances, how it continuously transforms to retain technical superiority and how it makes customer experience special. Working laboriously to seamlessly integrate cross-knowledge bases founded on a thorough understanding of structural engineering, our team relentlessly produces, without exception, original storage layout and racking designs that address all the specifications and exceed the design brief.

We work with several logistics players, consultants and business houses to deliver world-class storage solutions that combine innovation with executional excellence.

One of the industry’s key concerns is effective project management. Too often the total cost of ownership shoots up because of delays in project execution or issues in functionality, flexibility, integration, scalability, ease of use, customer support and other such levers. SILVER LINING juggles and balances all the nuances to perfection, retaining the project cost within expectation and the output beyond.

Hope you have a great experience working with us. We will spare no effort to exceed your expectation.” 

Dr. Ramachandra N Galla
Founder Chairman
Amara Raja Group